Maroubra Bay High School Reunion. 50 years after Maroubra Bay High School was opened, all ex-students are having a reunion, in the Galaxy Room, at the A.J.C., Randwick. Date: 7th March, 2009. Time: Noon until 5 p.m.. Cost: $125 p.p.. Details: http://mbh Read More »


refractory and refractory materials Item: High Alumina Brick Material: Alumina Block SiO2 Content: (%) 18 Al2O3 Content: (%) ≥75% MgO Content (%): according to the customer CaO Content (%): according to the customer Refractor Read More »

The Galileo Movement

Our objective is to expose misrepresentations pushing a 'price on carbon dioxide'. We care about freedom, security, the environment, humanity and our future. Read More »

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Mark Coulton MP

The Innovative Edge In Engineering: DCL Engineering Group

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Borrelli Quirk Newcastle Real Estate

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